Updated study on economic importance of EU shipping

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Thanks to Ana Casaca for bringing to our attention this study of the economic impact of the shipping industry in Europe.  The article is a summary. I have included links to the two related reports from Oxford.     Update Report     Full Report

Hellenic Shipping News WorldwideUpdated study highlights economic importance of EU shipping | Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide.

I have been interested in using Leontief I-O matrices to model the migration of economic benefit through the economy, including jobs. It seems that others are doing the same.  It’s important to know where we should look for the impacts of the economic activity we promote.

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Uber influence on containers at ports

An Uber-like phone app is enabling faster and less restrictive cargo movement at US ports, including the beleaguered ports at LA/Long Beach.  It seems the strike forced people to be more creative in devising ways to increase throughput.

Logistics innovation at the West Coast ports – let’s give it a chance – Paul Lord.

App-like portable software and recognition capabilities on phones will drive major changes in productivity in the next few years.

How MIT Visualizes Supply Chain Risk

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Another look at visualizing supply chain risk, from MIT. When these guys get on top of something it must be a burning issue.  Watch the video inside the article.

Portrait image for SourcemapHow MIT Visualizes Supply Chain Risk – Supply Chain 24/7.

I talked about David Simchi-Levi’s vision of supply chain risk before. This is another approach, based on visualization.  It raises the question of how good the data back of it is, but that is always a problem.

Of course here they are promoting their software to visualize the supply chain.

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How Trucking Rules in Brazil Are Driving Change

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Interesting work from MIT which shows that the name of the game is finding backhauls. Private fleets don’t pay in this case unless the distance is short enough that the value of a backhaul is a small part of the cost.  Private fleets are not economical with empty backhaul miles.

https://supplychainmit.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/ctl_logo__sq__125x125_v2.jpgHow Trucking Rules in Brazil Are Driving Change | Supply Chain @ MIT.

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