Time to Change Rules for Port Labor Negotiations?

Some are suggesting Port labor negotiations be made subject to the Railway Act that prevents outright strikes in air and rail transport. Republicans are for it.  It’s not clear where Democrats stand. unions are certainly against it, as it would remove a strong bargaining lever.

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Global Supply Chain News: Is It Time to Change Rules for How Port Labor Negotiations are Handled?.

I think the article is right in thinking passage of changes would be tough in this political environment.  But something has to be done to alter the landscape of port negotiations.  Too many firms depend on port freight movements.

Perhaps there is too much agency in the game.  Ports are represented by the PMA and ILWU until recently has been represented by AFL-CIO.  The shippers and port managers need to get their hands dirty in this one, so everyone feels the pain.

Self-Driving Trucks

Watch the neat video of a Daimler self-driving truck.  This will radically change the job of a truck driver.  It will also improve efficiency in trucking.  The major barriers are legal right now. We should see them on Will County roads when the law is changed to allow them on roads.

Self-Driving Trucks to Revolutionize Logistics – Supply Chain 24/7.

What do you think?

Unlock Supply Chain Gains

The ability to build rapid prototypes can increase the clock speed and forecast ability of manufacturers. Here’s an example of how.

How Superior Sales Samples Can Unlock Supply Chain Gains | Supply Chain @ MIT.

It is one of the first really good applications of 3D printing on a mass scale.  Injection molding is a major cost of prototyping new products.